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by celebrating their next achievement and helping them reach their next level in life. 

The Grad Blessing Bag Project

Blessing Grads One at a Time


The genesis of this project can be traced back to the challenging year of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional graduation ceremonies, leaving parents unable to host open houses, and students unable to their own high school graduations. We then introduced contactless delivery as we dropped Blessing Bags on the doorsteps of 32 graduates. Years later, it has now blossomed into a joyous and celebratory evening, honoring 25 High School Graduates. We currently secure donations from local nonprofits, individual contributors, and gift cards from local businesses.

Our current offerings include: an event comprised of delicious food, cherished family moments, graduate recognition, the presentation of Blessing Bags, and culminates with an inspirational message as these young adults embark on the next phase of their lives.

Our vision, with additional funding, encompasses:

1)  Scholarships for those pursuing higher education or additional training/certification programs.

Supplementary financial support for those entering the military or seeking training in entrepreneurship and related fields.

2)  Pre-celebration workshop sessions each spring to encourage further education. These sessions aim to provide: encouragement, inspiration, and guidance to change any preconceived notions about higher learning; insightful guest speakers from local training programs offering certifications and alternatives to traditional 4-year degrees; and connections with professionals in various fields of interest.

3)  Counselors and advisors available to students and parents to assist with post-secondary decisions.

Our commitment extends beyond the event as we aim to stay connected with and support these young individuals on their life's journey. In 2023, during our event, we had the pleasure of hearing from a 2020 graduate who recently achieved her Masters degree. Her success story underscores our project's profound impact on these young lives.


We eagerly welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have to enhance this project. Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated. We also welcome donations, community grants, and volunteers, as they are all a vital part of the success of this project.

2023 Blessing Bag Grads (KBN)
2022 Blessing Bag Grads (KBN)
2021 Blessing Bag Grads (KBN)
2020 Blessing Bag Grads (KBN)

“Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it”


Image by Danie Franco

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