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Kimberly Brown

Our Founder

While The Kimberly Brown Network became an official non-profit organization in 2021, the vision and dream all began decades ago when Kimberly Brown was born. She has always been a giver and found ways to make a difference in the lives of other people.


She grew up singing and directing in her father's church, First Trinity COGIC. She also spent 15 years as a member of the Grammy-Award-Winning group, The Sounds of Blackness, before starting her solo career.  Music has always been a vital part of her life.


Kimberly loves helping others and is an avid volunteer in her local Twin Cities communities, and with the American Heart Association. After years of hosting many projects and working with many ministries, she founded, "The Kimberly Brown Network", and immediately launched 2 new programs, "The Grad Blessing Bag Project", and "Get Up, Get Movin'. Her network is also known as "Kindness in Motion", a title given to represent who she is and what she does.

She has always had a heart for people, and frequently cooks 

meals for senior citizens, and those sick and shut-in along with other small blessings. Those that know her, know her work and her community accomplishments. She received the 2022 Twin Cities American Heart Association's Community Impact Award for her engaging community work. 

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