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Young Minds Matter

SHOW KINDNESS TO OUR YOUTH by supporting them.

Our Young Minds Matter Project seeks to introduce youth to new opportunities that will expand stretch their mind and empower them to strive to be all that they can be.  Their potential is often greater than they know. Through service projects, volunteerism, outings and activities we will achieve our goal of reaching the next generation and inspiring leaders.

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Inspiring the Next Generation

Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Every generation should be wiser and stronger, and that only happens when we take time out to inspire our youth to want MORE. More education, more experience, more information and more opportunities.  Whether it's donating backpacks and school supplies, taking trips to local events, or just having life discussions, we believe that EVERY young person deserves a chance to be the best that they can be. We certainly believe that Young Minds Matter!


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